Technical Information

Stratford ArtsHouse auditorium


Visiting companies should in all cases check with the Technical Manager to ensure the information contained herein is up to date and correct. At certain times some equipment detailed in this document may be temporarily unavailable. If you require anything you do not see below please don’t hesitate to contact us and we can discuss your requirements.

Technical Manager Laura O’Driscoll


Tel: 01789 207106


Maximum Capacity: 475 seated or 650 standing

Wheelchair spaces: up to 9

Other layouts are available; please contact us to discuss your requirements.

If you require the sound control position in the rear of the stalls this removes up to 12 seats please contact us to agree this in advance.


Technical Information

Proscenium Stage  

Depth from FoH tabs to upstage wall: 5.45m

Width to pros arch: 7.15m

Wing depth: P.S.: 3.9m O.P.:4m 

Height to lighting bars from stage (stage 600mm from floor) 3.8m

Length of set lighting bars: 9m (3 x IWBs in total)


Power Supplies

Stage Left wing area on auxiliary power panel:  

1 x 63A Ceeform 240V three phase supply

3 x 63A Ceeform 240V single phase supply

3 x 32A Ceeform 240V single phase supply

3 x 16A Ceeform 240V single phase supply

6 x 13A socket 240V single phase supply


Stage Equipment

4x 7m flats of maple wood construction

4 x French braces

10 x 12.5kg stage weights 

5 x Prolyte Stage Dex 1m x 1m  

33 x Prolyte Stage Dex 2m x 1m  

34 x 200mm Deck legs  

28 x 400mm Deck Legs  

112 x 600mm Deck legs  

28 x 800mm Deck Legs  

9 x Safety Rails 2m  

6 x Safety Rails 1m

A selection of legs and borders are available but a full soft black is hung upstage as standard. Please get in touch to discuss your requirements.


Lighting Equipment

Generic fixtures    

2 x Selecon Arena Fresnel flood 2K (CP72)

1 x Strand Cantata F 1K

9 x Strand Cantata PC 1K

1 x ETC Acclaim F 500W

2 x Strand prelude F 500W

4 x Strand quartet F 500W


9 x ETC Source 4 750 profile c/w 6x 26°, 2x 36°, 1x19°

2 x ETC Source 4 750 zoom 15/30

9 x ETC Source 4 junior 25/50

8 x Strand SL 15/32


56 x Par 64 in black (CP62)

6 x Par 64 in chrome (CP62)

6 x Floor Par 64 in chrome (CP62)

4 x ETC Source 4 Par


2 x Strand coda 1 cell flood 500W

2x Srand code 3 cell flood 500W

10 x ETC HUI Cyc flood 1K

2X Par 36 Pin Spots


Intelligent Fixtures

4 x Robin 300E

6 x Mac 250 Entour Etx

1 x Q Wash 560Z LED Adv


Control Room Console: ETC Ion (2 Universe)  

House Lights on separate control system, this can be overridden by console.  


96 x 2k ETC Smartpack Dimmer (wall mounted)  

36 x 2k ETC Smartpack Dimmer (touring rack)


LX Rigging  

Topdek Light Alloy Telescopic Work platform  

2 x Zargees Ladders  


Effects Machines  

1 x Mirror ball

1 x Look Solutions Unique 2 Hazer  

The use of the hazer must be approved in advance. Consumables for these machines will be chargeable.


Sound Equipment

1 x Behringer X-32 digital mixing desk  

1 x S16 digital snake (cat5 link to stage)

2 x Martin Wavefront W3P (Permanently rigged)  

2 x Martin Wavefront WS2A 2 x 15” Subs  

6 x Proel TFL15P8 monitors 

2 x QSC PLX3402 Pro 3400 Amplifier

1 x QSC EX1600 Amplifier

1 x QSC PLX1802 Amplifier 

1 x Martin DX1 Digital Speaker Management System  


1 x Yamaha Stagepass 400i portable P.A. system

1 x Skytec PA915 portable P.A. c/w 2x wireless microphones



4 x Sennheiser SKM100 radio mic with either lapel or handheld mics 

1 x Audio-Technika ATW-DA49 Antenna Distribution system


5 x SM58

1 x SM57

2 x AKG C1000S

2 x AT MB4000

2 x Adastra 952.192 boundary mics

4 x Sennheiser E835s

2 x Superlux CM h8A

3 x Toa J1

1 x Behringer ECM 8001

1 x AKG Drumset - The set contains: 1 x P2 bass drum microphone, 2 x P17 for overheads, 4 x P4 for toms and snare

2 x Samson CM12C hanging choir mic


Mic Stands

18 x Tall boom stands

3 x Tall stands, no boom

1 x Short boom stands

2 x Straight round base stands

4 x table top round base stands


Other Sound equipment

1x Blüthner Model 4 Baby Grand piano


4 x Wireless comms

1 x hardwired Canford audio comms in the control room


6 x mono D.I. boxes

1 x Behringer stereo D.I. box

1 x Yamaha CDX390 CD Player

1 x Sony MDS JE480 mini disc player

1 x Phonic 408 Powered Mixer

1 x Yamaha Q2031B Graphic EQ

1 x Dennon DND4000 twin cd player



1x  Fastfold Rear projection screen 9x12

1 x Sanyo PLC SU50

2 x Sanyo PLC XP55L  c/w 0.8:1 fixed, short throw lens


Get-ins and Get-outs

Loading doors on to stage left wing via Stratford Arts House carpark. This can be accessed by Stratford Rother Street car park. Door Dimensions: w: 1.65m h: 2.28m  

Please contact prior to your arrival to ensure ease of access due to some height restrictions and limited turning circle available in the car park.


Dressing rooms

There are 4 dressing rooms. Rooms 1 and 2 are on the ground floor with a disabled toilet and shower shared between them.

Dressing rooms 3 and 4 are upstairs with both male and female toilets and showers.

Room 1 - 1 person

Room 2 - 4 persons

Room 3 and 4 - 18 persons


There are 2 x iron and ironing board available


Rehearsal/Meeting Room

Situated adjacent to the auditorium, 2 spaces are usable as a rehearsal space.  


Room 1: 7.7m x 4.5m  

Room 2: 9.5m x 4.4m  


For any other information, please contact Technical Manager; Laura O’Driscoll